Matchbox Toy Cars

Buy Matchbox Toy Cars in Pakistan. The brand Matchbox manufactures a wide range of die-cast toy cars.

The Toy Car Fanaticism

Little boys grow up with a penchant for cars. This manifests in the form of an obsession with collecting toy cars. Toy car collecting is just the same hobby as collecting coins and stamps. This hobby is however more rewarding and profitable. Both youngsters and kid’s adults indulge in the hobby alike.

The Brand Story

A toy car brand named Matchbox is quite peculiar. Isn’t it? The brand derived its name from the original die-cast toys by Matchbox which were sold in boxes similar to matchboxes.
Now the question is why were cars sold in boxes similar to matchboxes? Well, this leads us to the incredible history of the brand. Matchboxes play a key role in the emergence of the brand, Matchbox.
It all started in the early 1950s. An English engineer who manufactured die-cast cars was presented with a problem. The little girl was stuck in a dilemma. The little girl sadly narrated to her father how she could only take a toy to school if it fits in a matchbox. Such was the school policy and the market was devoid of any such miniature toys. Being the superhero that every dad inadvertently happens to be, the engineer came up with a solution.
He built a miniature die-cast car by replicating details from a life-sized one. The miniature car was small enough to fit in a matchbox. This marked the beginning of the brand Matchbox.
For over 60 years now, Matchbox has been manufacturing scaled-down versions of real-life cars. Today Matchbox remains one of the top manufacturers of die-cast and other miniature cars. It is popular among both children and collectors alike.

Matchbox Products

The brand Matchbox manufactures a wide range of toy cars.
Presently, die-cast cars are some of the best Matchbox products. The die-cast cars by Matchbox are scaled-down replicas of real-life cars. This includes a variety of realistic vehicles like Matchbox Basics, Moving Parts, Collector, Working Rigs, Hitch & Haul™, and Sky Busters®.
The other Matchbox products are the playsets. These have been aspired by real-world-inspired playsets, including the all-new Action Drivers™ line—action-packed playsets with exciting car-activated features. The playsets offer a wide spectrum of activities for the entertainment of children in particular.
Lately, there has been an obsession among kids for rather large vehicles. The large vehicles include trucks, firefighting vans as well as other large vehicles. These toys tend to enhance playtime.
The most groundbreaking addition to the Matchbox collection has been the addition of Top Gun: Maverick vehicles. Thus, this is a collectors edition product. Fans have ardently purchased these goodies.
Thus, Matchbox products have managed to retain their appeal even after five decades of being in the market. The toy cars by Matchbox are just as popular as the Hot Wheels ones if not less. Moreover, it is widely acclaimed that Matchbox cars are sold for around a dollar a car and yet each year more than 100 million of them are sold to collectors and kids alike. Isn’t this evidence of the massive popularity of Matchbox cars?