Hasbro is an American brand and it has many different sister brands like Nerf, Play Doh, Disney, Trolls, Little Pony and many others. Hasbro manufactures different kind of toys, Action Figures, Little Pony, DC Figures, Jenga Blocks, Board Games and many more.

    This brand has wide range of toys for girls, boys. My little pony is very famous toy in girls because pony comes in different colors and hair styles, girls enjoy to pay with this toy.

    Nerf Blasters are also very famous in adults, Nerf Blasters come in different styles and sizes with different bullets. These guns are very safe to play because its bullets are made of foam.

    Kids loves to play with toys especially action figures like Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider Man, Transformers these kind of figures are very popular with kids, especially Boys.

    Hasbro makes many different forms of toys and kids love to play with these toys. Hasbro toys are safe choice for parents and comply with all safety standards.