Are you the parents of a newborn child? Are you in search of the best feeding accessories for your child? Are you in search of cost effective accessories for your child without compromising on the quality? If the answer to all these questions was a solid yes, then you’re at the right place.

Every parent wishes to provide their child with the best of everything. No parent would want to compromise on their child’s health, wellbeing and nutrition. Therefore, it is important to ensure provision of quality products. From feeding accessories to basic hygiene items, baby items must be safe to use. The use of good quality brands eliminates the risk of providing your child with anything less than the best.

Pigeon is one of the most trusted brands for parents all over the world.

Why Choose Pigeon Products for your Child?

Pigeon is a renowned name in the world of baby accessories. The brand vision is to “celebrate babies as they are”. As an ISO 9001-2008 accredited organization, Pigeon is one of the most reliable brands for baby accessories. Pigeon through its quality products tends to add comfort and convenience in the life of both child and their parents.

Pigeon manufactures plenty of mother and child care accessories. These including feeding accessories, breast feeding aids, weaning and soothing accessories, toiletries as well as cleaning and grooming accessories. Hence, Pigeon offers quality products to cater to every stage of a child’s life.

The feeding accessories include a plethora of different types of feeders, feeder sterilizers as well as spoons and bowls.

The breast feeding aids by Pigeon include breast pump, nursing bottles, pads and care cream.

Weaning and Soothing accessories comprise of pacifiers, sippy cups, teethers and plenty of miscellaneous items for babies in weaning stage.

Babies have very sensitive skin. Hence it is important to ensure provision of mild cleaners. The cleaning accessories at Pigeon comprise of child friendly brushes and liquid cleaners. Pigeon also ensure provision of other toiletries including baby lotions, powders, oil, cologne and creams.

Grooming kits by Pigeon are also extremely baby oriented. They are manufactured keeping in mind the small and delicate limbs and skin of babies.

Pigeon Baby Accessories at

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