Thomas & Friends

The story of Thomas and Friends goes back as far as over eighty years ago. It was all due to the efforts and fruits of a father’s imagination to entertain his sick son. This is how the Thomas engine was first conceptualized in 1942. For up to three years after that, the tales of a puffing engine remained within the family. However, upon the insistence of his family, Rev. W. Awdry took a leap of faith. The first Thomas and Friends book was published in the year 1945. The second book was published soon after that. The books gained massive popularity.
The first Thomas and Friends show was broadcasted about two decades after the books came out. The show was an instant hit. Since then, the popularity of Thomas and Friends has only multiplied.

What are Thomas and Friends all about?

Thomas and Friends are all about railway engines. Among these engines, Thomas is the most popular one due to his antics. Other engines on the Island of Sodor are Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, and several others. Thomas, the engine often gets into trouble for getting involved in tasks designated for the bigger engines. The story explores several of Thomas’ adventures on the island and how he is averse to trouble.

Thomas and Friends Toys

Thomas and Friends have been pretty popular ever since its inception. The thing about children is that once they love a character or a show, all they want is accessories of the said. This is primarily why toys and merchandise of cartoon characters and shows are so common.
Thomas and Friends has a wide fan base. The fans are rampant and so is the demand for these toys.
Thomas and Friends toys are predominantly trains and railway sets. They are plastic, wooden, and die-cast train sets. The colorful Thomas and Friends toys are meant for children of all ages. The innovative train sets are enjoyed by rather older children. From toddlers to infants, all children love colorful toy trains. The Thomas and Friends themed Lego has been a great addition in the toy list for the rather older fan base.
Children love Thomas and Friends toys for the characters and storyline. This is particularly why these toys are always high in demand. Despite other engines being equally intriguing, Thomas is the favorite engine for most children.

Where to find Thomas and Friends toys?

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