Intex Inflatable Pools

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Beat the Heat

Global warming has resulted in extreme summer temperatures. For the past few years, the summers have been unbearably hot. The statistics by global climate watchdogs predict worse summer temperatures in the years to come. Educational institutes close during summer to allow children to escape the scorching heat. However, children do not care about the hot weather. The children are only concerned with playing. Playing in this heat can be dangerous for their health. Therefore, experts advocate incorporating activities to beat the heat.
Water sports are an incredible way of beating the heat. The communal pools are also extensively used to escape the summer sun. However, the pandemic has led to the shutdown of all these places. Communal pools and water sports both pose an increased risk of infection transmission. Thus, it is wise to keep them close.

How can the heat be tackled now? As for children, bringing an inflatable pool home can be the answer to all these woes.

The Inflatable Pool

The inflatable pool is an incredible item. It is especially great in case one doesn’t have a pool at home. It can also be extremely handy for small to medium-sized spaces. Parents with overzealous kids especially benefit from the use of an inflatable pool. The pool keeps children occupied. It also gives them a chance to cool off in this extremely hot weather.
The inflatable pool is also extremely affordable. It is unlike the communal pool where one has to pay hefty subscription fees on a monthly basis. Thus, the inflatable pool can be incredibly easy on the pocket.

There is a substantial risk of disease transmission associated with playing in the communal pool. Having a pool at home reduces the risk of disease and infection transmission. Thus, it is safe for use. Another factor attributing it to safety is the safe depth and absence of a hard edge of the communal pool.

The inflatable at-home pool can be upgraded with additional elements. Thus, there is a lot of room for creativity.

The inflatable pool is extremely easy to install. It calls also be deflated and tucked away when not in use. It shows the utility and sustainability of the inflatable pool.
Intex Brand

Intex is a brand that has been involved in manufacturing inflatable pools, air mattresses and other inflatable products since 1966.
Intex primarily manufactures inflatable swimming pool. Intex pools are popular because of their low cost and incredible quality, Today, Intex pools are extensively used all over the world. With proper care, Intex pools can last for years. Intex manufactures two types of ranges of pools. One type is the inflatable pool with attractive desgins for kids, and the other is the AGP or commonly known as Above Ground Pool. AGP is generally a bigger pool for more people and it comes in different material such as Plastic or Metal Frame. Some AGP also come with cleaning filters and covers to keep water clean. The inflatable pools of Intex come in various sizes and colors. The pools often featured other attractive properties such as glitter filled pools. Unicorn pools by Intex are also quite popular.

Not just inflatable pools, Intex also has other swimming accessories. The swimming accessories by Intex include swimming goggles, swimming vest and arm bands to ease the swimming journey for children.

The air mattress by Intex is extremely comfortable.