Barbie is a fashion doll, it’s an American toy brand, the company name is Mattel. The company manufactures different style of Barbie’s as well as its accessories. There are some beautiful styles of Barbie dolls like Doctor Doll, Barbie Play sets, Dreamtopia Chelsea, Karate doll, Ken male doll, doll house, Birthday doll and many accessories.

    Barbie – It’s the iconic brand of the company Mattel. This company designed over 100+ different dolls for girl’s needs. All doll’s size is in-between 11 inch which is standard play scale for kids.

    Barbie and dollhouse is the best toy for girls. Almost every girl wants to have Barbie doll and she plays with it. Most important part of the Barbie is its clothes. There are variety of clothes available in market especially at Doll is the mind-blowing toy for girls. Different dolls have different characteristics like some have long hair, short hair, moveable dolls, makeup face etc.

    These days Barbie Company design Ken male dolls for boys. Now boys also can play with their favorite male character with friends.

    Barbie Company also manufactures 40+ pets like horses, panda, cats, dogs etc.

    All these pets are also available in different colors as well as different styles according to fashion.