Barbie as a Brand

There is most definitely not a single person who isn’t aware of the term Barbie. In fact, over the course of the past few decades, dolls are almost exclusively referred to as Barbie. We know Barbie as an object, a toy for girls, dolls but not as a brand. Barbie is a sister brand of the American brand Mattel. Barbie as a brand had begun manufacturing toys for little girls as early as the late 1950s. Yet the demand and appeal for Barbie hasn’t died down a bit but instead has only grown.

Barbie initially began as a brand of dolls but today Barbie also has plenty of other games and accessories to its name. Several doll brands have surfaced in the market over the course of the last few decades but none managed to live up to the fame and appeal of Barbie’s.

Barbie Dolls

Ask any girl what was her dream toy or ask any little girl what is her dream toy. The Barbie Dolls are every girl’s dream toy. Girls spend a significant portion of their childhood craving for more and more Barbie dolls. Every birthday, every occasion was spent anticipation for the beloved toy dolls which always happened to be the Barbie.
Why should you encourage girls to play with Barbie?

Little girls are actively seeking an opportunity to have a glimpse into the real world. A Barbie can be the perfect way of giving your little girl a glimpse into the real world through Barbie who does it all. There is a Barbie doll for every profession one can possibly think of. There is Doctor Barbie. There is Chef Barbie. There is Teacher Barbie. Hence, it is an ideal way of acclimatizing girls to the happenings of the real world.

Conventional beauty standards can be toxic and extremely damaging for the self-esteem of little girls. Barbie promotes inclusivity and diversity by increasing the chances of representation for all. Barbie is not an exclusively white-skinned doll. There are Barbie dolls that have varying skin colors and are extremely beautiful and a testament that beauty existed in multiple forms.

A study conducted by neuroscientists at Cardiff University has also proven that playing with dolls has several beneficial impacts on cognitive function. This proves that playing with Barbie is also a source of mental stimulation.

Barbie and other Accessories

With the growth in popularity of Barbie grew the need for other supportive accessories and merchandise.
To keep things interesting while Barbie launched merchandise for diehard fans in the form of Barbie theme bags, dresses, and accessories. At the same time, Barbie also launched plenty of accessories to augment the playing experience for girls. Barbie dollhouses, as well as pets and a wide range of accessories such as clothes, footwear, and jewelry, are there to make things interesting.

Barbie for Boys

Barbie being an inclusive and diverse brand could not leave boys behind. To cater to male customers, Barbie manufactured the famous Ken doll along with various accessories. Now boys can also play with Barbie dolls.