Japlo Baby feeding accessories in Pakistan

Buy Japlo Baby feeding accessories in Pakistan. Buy Japlo Mother feeding accessories such as baby feeders, milk storage bags, and milk storage bottles

Baby Feeding Accessories

Taking care of a baby’s feeding requirements is one of the primary responsibilities of the parents. Food is a source of nourishment and sustenance for the human body. Newborns who cannot consume food in the true sense of the word rely on milk as a primary source of nourishment and sustenance. Since the little ones are too dependent to take of their feeding needs, this responsibility falls on the shoulders of parents.

Every child is different and so are their feeding needs. Hence a huge variety of feeding accessories are required to find out which one fits the needs of your child in the best possible manner. However, the primary requirement for the feeding accessories is to be as close to the natural standards as possible. Finding a brand that complies with all the aforementioned standards is what the best fit for the newborns is.

Japlo as a brand

The brand Japlo was established in London as early as 1958 and is currently being sold in over 30 countries all over the globe. Japlo has incorporated high quality with innovative design and child safety through its six decades of experience. Quality assurance is Japlo’s forte. This is primarily why Japlo has managed to bag plenty of awards. Now doesn’t this make Japlo a brand that can be trusted for the feeding accessories to be used by your child? It indeed checks all the boxes.

To further endorse the reliability, Japlo complies with EN71-3 (European Standard) as well as follows US FDA-approved material for its products. It is also as per SIRIM Malaysian Quality standard and also happens to be Halal Certified. This is for sure a massive achievement for any brand.

The Feeding Accessories by Japlo

The Mother feeding accessories by Japlo comply with international standards which make them an excellent choice for your baby’s feeding needs. Apart from that, the material used is as close to nature as possible. This ensures a smooth transition.

Feeding bottles by Japlo have been designed to be comfortably held by babies. Along with that, all the bottles come with a lukewarm water mixer. Now if you are wondering what a lukewarm water mixer is, let me tell you. It is an added feature in Japlo feeders. The feeders have a measuring scale to make the perfect mix of formula milk along with the mention of optimal temperature. This is a great feature for inexperienced new parents and prevents scalding a baby’s mouth with extremely hot milk.

Apart from that, the milk pump by Japlo comes in both electric and manual variants. This facilitates the breastfeeding journey for mothers.  A few of the pumps come with an inbuilt mp3 speaker to keep the mother entertained and comfortable while doing a task as mundane as expressing milk.

Japlo in Pakistan

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