Fashion Dolls and dolls houses for your little Barbie

Fashion Dolls and dolls houses for your little Barbie. Wide range of Barbie Dolls, Disney Princess, Doll Houses, Disney Frozen, and little Pony.

Girls Toys Barbie Dolls and Accessories

Little girls and their love for dolls are inseparable. From Barbie dolls to Plush dolls and various other characters like Ana from Frozen and Sophia from Sophia the first, little girls want them all.  Not just the dolls, girls also want all accessories along with dolls. From dollhouses to doll’s clothing and accessories and household items, girls want it all. Give your little girl her dolls and she will forget about everything for hours on end and continue indulging in play with her prized possessions. You’d think a doll or two would be enough to keep girls happy but they would definitely want to build a collection of dolls for themselves. Lately, not just girls but boys have been equally interesting in playing with dolls. Childhood development experts have also advocated for dolls as toys for all genders rather than restricting them to the status of toys for girls.

Why Play with Dolls?

Playing with dolls might seem as an activity in vain. However, it’s absolutely not in vain. Researchers at Cardiff University investigated the impacts of indulging in play with the dolls on neuroscience. The investigation led to the discovery of a plethora of positive impacts. Playing with dolls helps the children develop empathy, social information processing skills and learn to handle responsibility. By caring for their dolls, they learn the art of taking care of one another.

Playing with dollhouse is not as straightforward. Kids play with dolls under various imaginative circumstances and conditions. This helps them act and adapt according to the given situation. Along with that, it also helps children explore more about language and develop a good vocabulary by interacting with other kids. The idea of imagining new situations also sparks their imaginative capabilities.

This is why it is important to let both your little girls and boys play with dolls. This will help in developing a variety of skills. It will also help them shun traditional gender roles and be more responsible generally.

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