Pigeon feeding bottles

Pigeon is very popular baby feeding accessories brand. This brand has full range of products and has all pigeon products. Such as Pigeon baby anti bacterial wet tissue, Baby cooling teether, Baby lotion. Baby shampoo, Baby wipes, Baby soap, Feeding Glass bottles, Pacifiers. Mag spout cup, Pigeon feeding bottles, Silicone pacifier and more.


New born baby needs feeding bottles from stage 0 to stage 3 or higher. Parents are very careful about baby’s care. And they always want to find best products for their babies.


Baby anti bacterial wet tissues are very useful pigeon product. You can swipe kid’s mouth, hand or all body and clean the germs with soft feeling.


Baby cooling teether is very best product for those moms. Who are busy in house hold work. And baby feel very comfortable with cooling teether.


Baby lotion is very necessary item for every baby for baby’s soft skin. Lotion become the skin very soft and silk feel.


As the mothers know about baby hair, how the hairs are soft and every mom wants to remove or get rid of dandruff so Pigeon baby shampoo is the best choice.
Pigeon baby shampoo
Pigeon Feeding glass and regular feeding bottles are available on, it’s easy to clean and handle. And has full range of pigeon at lowest price in market and we offer cash on delivery, bank transfer & Card Payments. We also have 15 day exchange and return policy.


Just come and place your order and we hope you will get great online shopping experience with us. Thanks

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