Nuk Nature Sense Anti-Colic Bottle 240ml


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Nuk Nature Sense Anti-Colic Bottle 240ml

• Brand: NUK
• Age Range: 6-18M
• The Nuk brand bottle has an integrated scale that shows the temperature of its contents
• In this way, you will always serve the food to the little one at the ideal temperature for consumption
• The model is suitable for children aged 6 to 18 months
• The bottle has a silicone teat and is made of baby-safe polypropylene
• The soft and elastic teat is size M, suitable for adapted formula
• The innovative Anti-Colic valve makes feeding possible without the need for interruption, which helps to avoid air swallowing and minimizes colic
• The number and size of holes depends on the type of food
• When feeding is done slowly enough and in drops, the correct development of the face-jaw muscles of the little one is stimulated








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