Molfix 3D Twin Newborn Size 1 44Pcs

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Molfix 3D Twin Newborn Size 1 44Pcs


Choosing the right diaper is one of the most important factors for your baby’s comfort. New Molfix Diapers 3D New Born 50Pcs designed to keep your baby dry & comfortable. Its super stretchy elastic adapts to the baby’s waist size to give a gentle, comfortable.

The New Molfix Comfort Fix instantly absorbs and retains any fluid and keeps the skin dry. It ensures freedom of movement thanks to its anatomical structure and elastic side bands. Also it is skin-friendly!

Molfix Diapers:

Molfix diapers are available in 6 sizes – Newborn, Mini, Midi, Maxi, Junior & XL. So, be a smart mum by using the right diapers! Get Molfix diapers for your precious babies now and join the Mo clan.

Key Features:

  • Skin friendly
  • Ultra Absorption
  • Elastic & Anatomic
  • 3D Technology preventing sagging; More Elastic Side Bands
  • Comfortable and Flexible Central Elastic System
  • Skin Friendly Approved.
  • Air Soft Technology to keep it breathable
  • Aloe Vera and Chamomile Extracts that prevents rashes

How To Use:

  • Step 1: Place the Diaper under your baby so that the charming Molfix designs are on the front side of your baby.
  • Step 2: Make sure that the leak-proof barriers are folded inwards.
  • Step 3: The stretchy clousure tapes of Molfix which are re-adjustable, never get affected from cream, powder or baby oil.
  • Step 4: Bond the stretchy closure tapes leaving equal space on both sides.

Specification Highlights

Brand – Molfix
Type – Baby Diapers
Quantity – 48 Pieces
Size – New Born


  • Special Umbilical Cord Notch, which seats below your newborns umbilical cord, allowing it to be aerated and heal properly.
  • Extra absorbent green layer,soaking up all your baby’s pee
  • Super elastic side bands, giving your baby freedom of movement and also allows the diaper adjust to your baby’s changing tummy size as they feed. No need to re-adjust
  • Clinically Proven to prevent diaper rash
  • Soft Top sheet,which is friendly with your baby’s skin and very comfortable too






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