Mastela 4 In 1 Multifunctional Bassinet & Swing

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1. Movable music vibrating box with multiple music that can soothe the baby’s emotions song.

2. The sleeping basket can be detached separately and used as a bed-in-bed or travel basket. The three-point safety buckle provides multiple protection for the baby. Removable mosquito net awning protects baby from mosquito bites.
3. The unique head ventilation mesh design ensures smooth air flow on the baby’s head, and the baby’s status can be observed at any time
4. The bed can be raised and lowered in three gears
5. The three-speed backrest adjustment can fully meet the baby’s life growth and needs.
6. Kelon’s low front wall allows you to have more space for interaction with your baby.
7. It can be gently shaken back and forth to soothe the baby’s emotions, or it can be fixed as needed
8. Colours: Medium  Grey
Mastela 4 In 1 Multifunctional Bassinet & Swing
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