Lovi Soother Holder Buddy Bear


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Lovi Soother Holder Buddy Bear

• Brand: Lovi
• The dynamism and unique structure of the Lovi nipples of the Night and Day series allow you to breathe freely through the nose and swallow saliva
• The Lovi nipple promotes the formation of proper occlusion and tongue development
• The pacifier is equipped with a special cap that helps keep it clean
• Each Lovi nipple has an additional protection (nozzle)
• In the Night & Day collection, the ring glows at night
• Does not contain biphenyl-A
• LOVI Night & Day, 1 pc, Dummy Clips For Kids, LOVI Night & Day dummy clip is a beautiful accessory for your baby and a practical tool to prevent you from having to constantly pick up the dummy from the floor
• It attaches the dummy to your baby’s clothes, it’s easy to clip on or take off, and it comes in a playful design your kid will absolutely love
• Characteristics: protects the dummy from dirt and from getting lost safely attaches the dummy to clothing modern design
• How to use: Attach one side to the dummy and the other to your baby’s clothes, or to the pram. This dummy clip is not a toy, so make sure not to leave your baby unattended

Solid clip

Practical and stable mechanism protects the holder against detaching from baby’s clothing.

Convenient clamp

Thanks to a simple clamp the holder can be easily attached, even with one hand.

Safe shape

Rounded shapes eliminate the risk of scratching or hurting.

  • Protects the soother against becoming soiled
  • Prevents the soother from getting lost






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