Lovi Self Sterilizing Bottle 150 ml


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Lovi Self Sterilizing Bottle 150 ml

• Brand: Lovi
• Age Range: 0m+
• Allows quick sterilization in a microwave
• Does not disturb the suckling reflex
• Enables easy combination of breastfeeding and feeding from the bottle
• Enables proper suckling-swallowing-breathing coordination
• Provides proper mouth and tongue muscle work
• Enables proper suckling rhythm

Top for sterilisation in microwave

Pour an appropriate amount of water into the top, insert all the components, cover the bottle and place in the microwave oven for 90 seconds.

Dynamic Feeding Teat®

Teat made of heterogeneous silicone layers: a thin tip and a hard base. Expands and shrinks with the child’s suckling rhythm, mobilises the jaw muscles to work actively. The child has to try to receive the milk from the teat. The hard base from thicker silicone enables stable, wide lip positioning on the teat.

Profiled bottle shape

Enables proper bottle holding in a safe position.


Food container

You only have to replace the teat with the included sealing disk and the bottle becomes a container for storing food.








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