Lovi Cup with Straw Active 350ml Lovely Girl

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Lovi Cup with Straw Active 350ml Lovely Girl

• Brand: Canpol Babies
• Age Range: 14m+
• convenient handle allows easy holding
• it is tight thanks to system Click & Go and Safe Lock
• delicate, easy to clean straw
• small numbers of elements
• body of cup can be exchanged with body of 360° LOVI Cup or Non – spill Cup
• spare parts availability
• Cup with Straw, it is independence and comfort
• Specially designed to allow the child freely quench the thirst
• After closing the cup, nothing will spill out thanks to that an active child can take it everywhere

Convenient handle

The cup has a cap with a comfortable handle, which allows easy holding for a child.

Tightly sealed with Click&Go system

Characteristic click is a sign that the cup is well closed and can be safely held by the child. The closure is strong enough to allow the child to hold the cup securely even while moving

Easy to clean

The straw and  spout were specially designed to easily dismantle and clean.

Safe Lock

A specially designed button protects against accidental opening and spilling of a drink

Delicate straw

Made of soft, high-quality silicone that does not irritate the gums and is chemically inert.  Its length is adjusted so that the liquid stays outside the child’s teeth area.

Screw cap interchangeable with other LOVI cups

Can be used interchangeably with cup 360° or LOVI non-spill cup


  • screw cap
  • silicone spout with straw
  • body for liquid


Do not wash in the dishwasherDo not wash in the dishwasher

Not for use in the microwaveNot for use in the microwave

Not for sterilization with boiling waterNot for sterilization with boiling water

Not for use in the sterilizerNot for use in the sterilizer







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