LEGO Puzzle and Brick Toys

With the rise of digital culture and shortening attention spans, children now developed a tendency to get bored of toys at a very quick pace. Minutes into receiving a new toy, a child could be done with the toy. Children these days don’t know how to be creative enough to utilize a toy a hundred times before abandoning it. All that they want is screen time.


It can be partly blamed on the growing dependence of both parents and children on screen times. However, that is not the only contributing factor. A wrong selection of toys can have the same consequences. Therefore, it is important to select toys that are not only interesting for the child but also have the potential to keep them involved for long.


Puzzle and brick toys are a smart choice of toys to keep the children occupied for long. These toys are not only good for attention span but excellent for cognitive development and stimulation of a child.


What Makes Lego Unique And Desirable?

LEGO is a type of construction and building toy manufactured by a Danish company called The Lego Group. They primarily manufacture interactive and interlocking plastic bricks. The concept behind the name Lego is also an interesting one. The company is named Lego after the Danish phrase LEGO which means play well. Lego has been around for over six decades now and is gaining increasing popularity at all times.


LEGO are extremely convenient and fun toys that can serve as intellectually stimulating for kids of all ages. As they say, the sky is the limit. With Lego, the sky is literally the limit. Pieces can be combined to come up with endless possible objects. This serves as a means to stimulate the creativity and imagination of the child or anyone playing with Lego. Along with that, it also serves as a means to make the child smarter by boosting the ability to tackle mathematics. How amazing is that merely playing with Lego has the potential to turn you into a mathematics genius?


Researchers increasingly advocate indulging in play with LEGO building blocks to obtain a large spectrum of benefits.


Not just for kids, screen time is equally harmful to adults too. This is why they should also take measures to balance it by screen-free time. Indulging in play with complex Lego’s can be a good idea for screen-free time for adults. Adults can also put their creativity and imagination to use to come up with unique and inspiring Lego structures. This activity allows adults to focus on the building structures and eventually helps them divert their minds and spend quality time that is both stress and anxiety-free.


The most interesting part about Lego is that even a 50 year old Lego piece is compatible with the Lego bricks being manufactured today.


Lego Products in Pakistan

The newer Lego products are focused less on kids and more on adults. The growing need to spend time indoors requires plenty of activities to keep one occupied. Lego can be a fun way of keeping one occupied. Now the question arises where to find Lego in Pakistan?


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