The Toy Car Fanaticism

Little boys grow up with a penchant for cars. This manifests in the form of an obsession for collecting toy cars. Toy car collecting is just the same hobby as collecting coins and stamps. This hobby is however more rewarding and profitable. Both youngsters and kid’s adults indulge in the hobby alike.
The Brand Story

The importance of play

Research claims that one to three toys are enough for a child to make the most out of playtime. Providing too many toys at once serves as a source of distraction. The children already have a very low attention span. Thus, when facing a situation where too many toys are presented at once, a child seems to lose interest at once.
The best approach, in this case, is to provide only one toy at a time. However, that is really not possible for parents. Thus, it is important to buy a restricted number of toys. One to five toys are more than enough to satisfy a child during playtime. Excessive toys make the child lose charm in all of them at once. Being presented with one toy compels the child to explore it, play with it as many times as possible and with multiple potential scenarios. This also helps in improving the attention span of a child.
The Ultimate Gateway to a Happy Child
All adults know how much happiness a single toy can yield. Thus, parents, in particular, are keen on making their children happy by providing them with as many toys as possible. However, with the increasing amount of research emphasizing on providing one toy at a time, the parents are in a dilemma. For parents, restricting the number of toys essentially means that the happiness of children is also being restricted. However, that is not the case.
A single toy also means that the parents now have a great responsibility to ensure that the toys are both educational and entertaining. In the present world, the educational value of every item is given great importance. However, a toy that is too education-oriented and not enough entertainment is boring for children. Thus, an immense amount of thought and care go into picking and selecting the right toys.
When one has to browse through aisles after aisles of toys, this task seems to get even more complicated. In such an instance, the wise choice is to opt for a toy from a renowned company.
Fun Time toys at
The brand Fun Time toys is a toy company based in Hong Kong that has been providing services for over 30 years now. The brand Fun Time offers a wide selection of infants, pre-school, educational, bath and sand as well as spring and summer toys.
Fun Time toys manufactured toys for both boys and girls. All toys come in attractive and lucrative packing. The packaging tends to win the hearts of both parents and children even before the toy pack is opened. Fun Time claims that their packaging makes a statement such that it is easier to select the toys. The best part Fun Time toys are that they comply with all American and European toy safety standards. A child’s security is the primary concern of the parent and what more would parents want than toys that are incredibly safe for children.