Tommee Tippee Manual Breast Pump


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Tommee Tippee Manual Breast Pump

Tommee Tippee Made for Me Manual Breast Pump

• Brand: Tommee Tippee
• Item Dimensions: 3.82 x 6.1 x 7.28 inches
• Type: Manual
• Material: Silicone
• Compact, discreet and quiet – express how and where you choose, whether on the train, at work or at home
• Soft on the breasts: soft and padded silicone massage horn that is comfortable for mom
• Specially designed to fit women’s hands: the narrow neck and curved handle are ergonomically shaped for less power and less stress on the hand
• EASY TO USE – Simply get comfortable, put on the silicone cup and gently squeeze the handle
• Easy to clean: sterilizer and toprack dishwasher safe

bomba de leche de silicona manos libres bomba de pecho accesorios portátil bomba de leche mochila viaje

Bomba de silicio Tommie Tippie Tommy Tippy Tomy Tipy


Lightweight and compact enough to fit in your diaper bag, quick and easy to assemble, and completely soundproof in use, the Made for Me Hand Pump is a simple and discreet option for moms who choose to pump on the go.

Bomba de pecho de grado hospitalario portátil bomba de leche materna cargador de coche silicio tommie tippie Tommy tippy


Save your energy, you will need it! The ergonomic design of the simple manual pump is perfect for the size of women’s hands. You still get an efficient and effective way to express your precious breast milk, but you can still feel your hands at the end of it!

accesorios para lactancia materna bebés lactantes EBF

Patented silicone cup

Your body has been through enough already, so we’ve designed the breast pump’s silicone cup to be cushiony and super soft, so it’s extra gentle on sore breasts

Bomba de pecho silenciosa portátil viaje amistoso en tho ir trabajando mamá

Simple and soundless
This manual breast pump is so quiet, it can be used while going about your business while remaining discreet, whether on the phone, in the office, or on the go.
fácil de limpiar la bomba de leche menos piezas BPA libre niño seguro bebé amigable manual mano bomba manos libres
Fewer parts, easy to clean
The manual breast pump is easily disassembled and all parts can be washed in warm, soapy water or put in the dishwasher. After cleaning, the pump can be sterilized for added peace of mind.
bomba de pecho manos libres enfermería EBF bebé recién nacido
Insurance for babies and mothers
As with all of our products, the portable pump is made entirely from BPA-free materials, so you know your precious breast milk is safe for baby.
Bomba de pecho de grado hospitalario portátil bomba de leche materna cargador de coche silicio tommie tippie Tommy tippy
You’re thinking baby, we’re thinking about mom
Your breasts are amazing! Once your baby arrives, you and your wonderful breasts provide everything you need for the best start in life. It’s not always easy, so the least we can do is try to make things a little smoother, whenever possible. Our Made for Me collection includes three easy-to-use breast pumps and one soothing nipple cream designed to keep you comfortable and confident enough to rise to the awesome challenge of being a mom.


Tommee Tippee




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