Tommee Tippee Double Electric Breast Pump


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• Brand: Tommee Tippee
• Age Range: 18Y+
• Gender: Female
• Lightweight, portable bilateral breast pump , so busy mothers can take breast milk naturally and quickly anytime, anywhere
• Smart alternating breast pump technology, constantly alternating left and right sides of the breast milk, so that mothers have a more natural and comfortable experience.
• Choose unilateral or bilateral breast pumping – you can use the breast pump as a single pump or double pump with just one click.
• With USB charging, mom can use it anytime, anywhere, whether at home or out. You can also continue to use the breast pump while charging, giving mom maximum flexibility.
• Long lasting power – can be used for 90 minutes after fully charged
• There are massage and breast pumping modes — 5 levels of massage mode can stimulate breast milk secretion, and then you can choose the most comfortable suction from 9 levels of breast milk to suck out breast milk
• Timer — There is a timer display on the LED screen, allowing you to see how much time you have been pumping
• No backflow – hygienic closed system ensures that breast milk can only enter the bottle, not into the exhaust pipe or breast pump. Every drop of precious breast milk can be collected
• Included in the package: portable rechargeable power supply unit, 2 sets of breast pump accessories, USB cable and plug, 2x 150ml Closer to Nature PP baby bottle with baby nipple, 2x storage cap

Tommee Tippee Double Electric Breast Pump

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The Double Electric Breast Pump packs serious power into a small, portable package. Quiet and discreet enough to use anywhere, yet powerful enough to help you express efficiently.

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Unique massage cups

Made of soft, cushiony silicone that feels soft and smooth on sore breasts, these patent-pending Massagetec cups use massaging movements to mimic your baby’s latch and stimulate milk flow.

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Quietly reliable.

Lab tested to be significantly quieter than other bulky double pumps, so you get all the comfort and control of an electric pump with a more natural feel and less noise.

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Powered by a lightweight USB rechargeable power pack, giving you 90 minutes of cord-free pump time wherever and whenever you need it.

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single or double

With the push of a button, you can easily switch from one breast to the other, or both breasts at once, for a natural and efficient pumping experience whenever and wherever you want.

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Choose from 5 massage modes that mimic your baby’s latch to stimulate milk flow. Once your milk begins to flow, 9 expression modes provide a more even and longer pumping action to help you comfortably express as much milk as possible.

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This pump has an extra hygienic closed system to ensure that every precious drop of your breastmilk is collected in the bottle, with no backflow in the tubes.

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You’re thinking baby, we’re thinking about mom.

Your breasts are amazing! Starting at about 16-22 weeks, they begin to produce colostrum, early concentrated milk, packed with nutrients and disease-fighting antibodies. Once your baby arrives, you and your wonderful breasts provide everything you need for the best start in life. Our Made for Me collection helps make things easier and softer, and includes a range of easy-to-use breast pumps, soothing nipple cream and super-absorbent pads. Designed to keep you comfortable and confident enough to take on the awesome challenge of being a mom.

Tommee Tippee Made for Me nursing products are designed especially for you, because you are unique. This double electric pump is designed for the modern mom because it’s small and discreet, truly portable, and powerfully quiet. Simply load it up, get comfortable, and find one of the custom pump and massage modes that feels right for you. Not every day will be the same, so being able to adjust the settings provides maximum comfort during your nursing journey. Compatible with all Tommee Tippee bottles closer to nature and advanced anti-colic. We want to support her breastfeeding journey by allowing her to feed her baby where and when she wants. Help your parents in
excluding glass
In the box: portable, rechargeable power unit, 2 breast pump headsets, 1 USB cable and plug adapter, 2 Closer to Nature 5 oz bottles (slow flow nipple), 2 milk storage caps



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