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Playgo Moving Puppy – Color May Vary


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• Brand: Playgo
• Material: Plastic
• Age: 6+ Months
• This bright educational toy will help parents to improve the tactile and visual perception of the baby, as well as amuse him.
• The product is made in the shape of a charming puppy with a ball in its paws and small wheels, thanks to which it is funny to ride on the surface.
• The product is perfect for the development of fine motor skills of the kid, as he will be happy to roll a pretty puppy.
• The size of the toy is optimal for children’s hands, so it is convenient for the baby to hold it.
• The toy is made of certified and high quality plastic, therefore it is absolutely safe for children.
• And the product is painted with non-toxic persistent dyes that do not wear off from the surface and remain the same bright for a long time.







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