Lovi Dynamic Feeding Teat Mini 2 pcs 0m+


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Lovi Dynamic Feeding Teat Mini 2 pcs 0m+

• Brand: Lovi
• Age Range: 0m+
• Item Dimensions: ‎5.8 x 8 x 13 cm
• Does not disturb the suckling reflex
• The suckling rhythm of the breastfed baby is maintained
• Provides proper mouth and tongue muscle work
• Enables proper suckling-swallowing-breathing coordination
• Equipped with efficient anti-colic SUPER air vent system
• BPA Free
• Pouring boiling water
• Sterilization with boiling water
• Sterilizer
• Do not wash in the dishwasher
• Microwave friendly

Dynamic Feeding Teat MINI


Perfect for children from the first moments of life

Safe for breastfeeding


Soft and dynamic teat does not disturb the suckling reflex and do not discourage breast suckling

Soft, dynamic tip


Made from a thin layer of silicone. Expands and shrinks with the child’s suckling rhythm, mobilises the jaw muscles to work actively. The child has to work to receive the milk from the teat.

Hard, wide, profiled base​


Made from a thicker layer of silicone. Provides stable support for lips and prevents from biting the teat’s base. Contoured shape and appropriate base width force proper lips’ position.​

Anti-colic SUPER air vent system


New, efficient SUPER air vent system prevents the milk from mixing with air. This way it decreases colic risk.

LOVI teats with different flow


Choose a teat that is suitable for the feeding stage



  • 2 teats


medicaly-tested BPA-free 0plus flow-mini

Pouring boiling waterPouring boiling water

Sterilization with boiling waterSterilization with boiling water


Do not wash in the dishwasherDo not wash in the dishwasher

Microwave friendlyMicrowave friendly







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