Kids Plastic Wardrobe 4 Layer


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Kids Plastic Wardrobe 4 Layer

  • Brand: FunWorld
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 60cm 40cm 135cm
  • Load-bearing: The wardrobe is made of environmentally friendly plastic materials. The wardrobe has good load-bearing capacity and is resistant to compression and deformation. Let your child organize the wardrobe independently and enhance the fun of life.
  • Large-capacity wardrobe: The wardrobe is 60 cm (23.6 in) long; 40 cm (15.7 in) deep; 135 cm (53 in) high. One cabinet can store your baby’s clothes/little quilt/wet wipes/toys/books, etc. Organize it neatly, so Mommy is more worry-free.
  • With sliding wheels: There are sliding wheels at the bottom of the wardrobe, which is easy to move and save time and effort. The wardrobe can be moved to any position in the room for easy cleaning.
  • Double doors + 3 drawers: The upper part of the wardrobe is equipped with a hanging area or compartment to meet your different storage needs; the bottom 3 drawers, 2 with locks, prevent your children from picking up items by mistake.
  • The top of the closet: You can set the top of the closet as a display position for decorations, and place your children’s favorite decorations on it. Or use the closet as a bedside table, with the top used to store books and other items before going to bed.
  • Item shape: Rectangular






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