Hot Wheels Spinwheel Challenge Playset


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• Brand: Hot Wheels
• Item Dimensions: 39.37 x 24.02 x 12.99 inches
• Age Range: 5Y-10Y
• Play set provides hours of fun and tons of imagination with launchers, cars, track and Spinwheel included along with easy set up instructions
• Launcher develops motor skills while the effort to pass through the spinning wheel introduces the concepts of speed, distance and timing
• Playing solo on the play set can encourage patience and attention to timing, while playing head-on-head develops competitive spirit
• Launching thru’ the Spinwheel and scoring points provides a focused activity and objective that takes car play to a higher level of fun and discovery
• A great gift for 5 year olds and up with high flying action and scoring

Hot Wheels Spinwheel Challenge Playset



Ready for the challenge?

What’s more fun than making a car fly through the air? Making it fly through the air, pass through a wheel while hitting the points flaps! Challenge yourself to fly high and score big with the Hot Wheels Spinwheel Challenge. And once you have the play set up and you’ve mastered the basics, invite a friend to compete for the grand championship of points. Fly high and score!


Turn the wheel, start the fun!

​A spinning wheel has got to go round. But that’s no obstacle to you and your race cars. Just use the launcher to line them up and propel them through the air toward the wheel. Did you crash and burn or make it through? Time it just right and you’ll hit the points flaps on the wheel for maximum scoring and ultimate satisfaction!


Let the competition begin!

Competition is crucial for kids to measure themselves against their peers as a right of passage, and a tool for future success. With the Hot Wheels Spinwheel Challenge Play Set, kids from 5 to 10 years old learn to time their launch so their car speeds down the track and cruises through the spinwheel, hitting maximum flap points as it cruises back down. Or, they just have fun trying, which also spells success. ​


Connects with other play sets and tracks​

This play set connects with other Hot Wheels tracks and play sets (each sold separately and subject to availability) so a kid’s imagination need have no bounds. After mastering launching through the wheel, maybe there’s a race around a circle-8 or a new obstacle to overcome down the track. Build it and they will play. Better yet, let them build it. Hot Wheels play sets and track are easy to build and easy to connect so the fun starts as soon as they’re ready to play.​

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