Hasbro Transformers Cyberverse Action Attackers: Scout Class Autobot Ratchet


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• Brand: Hasbro
• Age: 6+
• Includes Autobus Ratchet figure and instructions.
• 3.75-INCH AUTOBOT RATCHET FIGURE: 3.75-inch Scout Class Autobot Ratchet Action Attackers figure inspired by the Cyber verse animated series. Similar figure scale to Legion class Transformers action figures.
• 2-IN-1 TOY: Easy conversion kids ages 6 and up can do! Easily convert Autobot Ratchet toy from robot to tow truck mode in 6 steps. Makes a great gift.
• SIGNATURE AUTOBOT RATCHET ATTACK MOVE: Convert the heroic Autobot Ratchet to activate Grapple Grab Action Attack move. Fun attack moves can be repeated through easy reactivation steps.
• Gender: Unisex

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