Farlin Manual Breast Pump


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• Brand: Farlin
• Material: Plastic
• The aspirated milk bottle can be converted into baby bottles by inserting the syringe and toilet lid.
• The milk sucker with silicone gasket helps the breast massage gently and stimulates the milk to flow evenly.
• General considerations before using a suction machine.
• Using a breast pump is the way many mothers choose today. Breast milk brings a lot of advantages to the mother.
• However, not all mothers use the breast pump properly.
• Dear moms, in order to make sure we have a lot of milk and some things to keep in mind before using the breast pump.
• Before breastfeeding the mother should be comfortable, avoid angry wrangling will affect the amount of milk as well as milk quality.
• Drink 1 cup milk/fruit juice / saturated before milking.

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