Farlin Bottle Wash 700ml Refill


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Farlin Bottle Wash 700ml Refill

• Brand: Farlin
• Cleaning your baby’s bottles is essential, as feeding bottles are something which are used on a daily basis. Get this Farlin Feeding Bottle Wash – Refill to keep your little one’s bottles clean and free of germs.
• Anti-bacteria, thoroughly cleans without milk remnants
• You can wash the bottle using our product that is mild as well as natural as it contains plant formula.
• This anti bacteria formula is non-phosphorus as well as environment friendly.
• Liquid can also be used for cleaning vegetables, fruits, toys & tableware’s, etc.
• It’s multi purpose as you can wash toys, fruits, vegetables and tableware with it.
• Wash is approved by FDA.
• USP is that it is very gentle on the skin.
• PH 5.5 is natural & mild
• Non artificial perfume & pigment, environment-protecting, non-toxic
• Baby feeding bottle wash for every day care


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