The Role of Creativity Toys
Allowing your child to play with toys that enhance his creativity is perhaps the best thing you can do. The toys that enhance creativity allow a child to run their imagination wild. Such toys allow children to excel at arts and self-expression. Therefore, researchers and early childhood development experts advocate the use of creative toys.
Now, what are creativity toys? Creativity toys are those toys that let the child be creative. These toys include various kinds of arts and crafts toys, playing and modeling dough, slime, and plenty of others.
Play dough is one of the most sought items by children. The colorful and sweet-smelling dough is perhaps the most in-demand non-toy item for children. Both boys and girls equally enjoy indulging in playing with play dough.
Benefits of Playing with Play dough
Playing with play dough carries plenty of benefits.
The primary advantage is the enhancement of motor and cognitive skills. Playing with play dough allows children to enhance their fine motor skills. It also improves hand and eye coordination. Overall, the dexterity and muscular strength of a child improves a great deal with play dough.
Play dough allows a child to make use of their imagination. This also helps in improving creativity and self expression.
Playing with play dough can also be therapeutic. It allows children to relieve their stresses and tensions.
Play-Doh Products
Initially, Play-Doh began manufacturing the soft, colorful modeling compound. Since its inception in the year 1956, the brand has grown a great deal. The product lines by Play-Doh now include Play-Doh Touch, Play-Doh Kitchen Creations, Play-Doh Shape & Learn, DohVinci, an arts-and-crafts toy system for making artistic creations, and many more.
Play-Doh has also collaborated with various others to ensure provision of featured character based sets. The Play-Doh Little Pony and Play-Doh Frozen sets are clear of the fact.
Play-Doh is constantly on the bandwagon for improving and coming up with innovative products.
Why choose the brand Play-Doh?
Play-Doh is a popular brand for playing dough. It is indeed a tad bit expensive than the other local and unbranded play dough variants. In such a case, wouldn’t it better to purchase the cheaper variant? After all, it is only play dough. The brief answer to this is a no.
Unlike others, Play-Doh is a quality controlled and safe product. It does not have any harmful substances on it. Play-Doh, as a brand, is aware of the erratic and unreasonable behavior patterns displayed by children. Therefore, Play-Doh ensures that all its products are non-toxic and even ingesting those causes no harm.
Play-Doh manufactures sets of play dough. These sets are impressive for children. The cake, cupcake and doughnut creation set by Play-Doh would allow children to experience the glory associated with being a baker. It would allow them to decorate the said items using their creativity. Play-Doh sets come with tools and aids required to cut shapes out of play dough. This is another plus.
Play-Doh is manufactured by Hasbro, which is an evidence of the product being top notch. Thus, you can trust this brand wholeheartedly.