The Screen Time Hassle

Children of the digital age are hard please especially when it comes to activities devoid of a screen. The little monsters want nothing as much as they want screen time. Be it smart phones or tablets or laptops, the kids want them all. Excessive screen time while extremely pleasurable for children yet it is extremely bothersome for parents. Primarily due to the countless health adverse effects due to screen usage as well as the mindlessness of the activity.


Screen time can potentially keep the children occupied for hours on end yet there is no significant learning possible through screen time. The irretrievable damaged caused to eyes and posture aside, excessive screen time also has the potential to impair cognitive development.


This is why parents are always on quest of activities that enable to cut down on screen time.


The Alternative Means of Keeping Kids Occupied

There are plenty of ways to keep kids occupied such that they do not have enough time on hand to demand for screen time.


Outdoor activities can be an effective means to keep children occupied. However with the extreme harsh weather conditions for most part of the year, it is hard to keep up with outdoor activities. This is why it is important to have sufficient indoor activities.


Providing children with toys can be an attention diverting technique. However, it is not sustainable. Children have poor attention span and toy might not be able to keep them occupied for long.


Another mean of keeping kids occupied is the play dough. Play dough is soft clay with doughy consistency that comes in different colors and is used by children for playing. It has proven to keep children engaged for extensive duration.


The Benefits of Playing with Play Dough

Play dough has innumerable benefits as it plays a role in nurturing a child’s development.


Art Clay Moulds allows children to construct various types of items. This imparts them with the opportunity to run their imagination and creativity wild. While doing so children are getting an opportunity to explore and expand their imaginative capabilities.


Given the various types of scenarios possible to be constructed with play dough, play dough can help build an attention span. Play dough also keeps them occupied for long.


Play dough also nurtures the motor and cognitive abilities of children. It also provides an opportunity to polish the mathematical and spatial skills of children.


This is why play dough use is advocated by researchers and childhood development experts.


Kid’s Dough

Kid’s Dough is a brand that manufactures play dough kids for kids of different ages. All kits and sets have various different colors of play dough along with molds of different shapes. Each set and kit meant to cater various children of different age groups and interests.


The Kid’s Dough products are extremely child friendly, non toxic and safe to be re used multiple times. Plenty of children are allergic to kids dough of different brands. However Kid’s Dough is an extremely safe brand and has been tested and eventually proven to have no allergic ingredients.


Being an iconic brand, Kid’s Dough also ensures eco friendliness by ensuring sustainability. All the more reasons to spend your hard earned bucks on purchasing Kid’s Dough for your child’s entertainment needs.


Kid’s Dough in Pakistan has all the Kid’s Dough products in stock at extremely nominal rates. A wide variety of play dough kits and sets are also available to be used by children of various ages.

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