What are the DC Toys?
    It all started with the comic books on superheroes. Before the world could act, they divided it along the Marvel and DC lines. Marvel included superheroes which, despite being human, achieved superhuman traits. This gave them superhero status. The DC included the gods and mythical beings.
    The DC superheroes include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, The Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman, to name a few. Among these, Batman and Superman are the most favorite superheroes for most ardent fans. They are unanimously the favorite superheroes of the masses.
    The Marvel and DC fandom are real. Fans will stand in queues for hours on end to watch the movies. However, evolution is a part of life. The comic book craze developed for movie fandom. The movie fandom gave rise to the DC toys with enthusiasm.
    DC Toys have become such a significant part of the life of ardent fans that they do not hesitate from spending a plethora of money on purchasing these collectibles.
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    What is the hype behind DC Toys?
    All action figure enthusiasts have a wish to possess as many figurines as they can. Possessing action figures is a manner of paying ode to their favorite superheroes. Possessing these superheroes also allows fans to create alternate scenarios.
    Plenty of individuals have dedicated their entire YouTube channels to the DC toys. Others have a sole life mission of adorning their shelves with their favorite collectibles.
    Why do individuals collect DC Toys?
    In olden times, some people used to collect stamps. Other people found joy in collecting coins. Collecting items of collectible nature was a hobby frequently endorsed. They often based it on the personal interest of the individual. Similarly, individuals today find joy in collecting action figurines. It is like the coin and stamp collection hobbies. The collected action figures can be a source of prestige and honor for the owner.
    How it all started?
    The idea of action figures isn’t a new one. It goes back more than half a century. Hasbro manufactured the first action figure in 1946 as an ode to soldiers of WW2. The trend has caught up with Justice League and the massive fandom.
    Action figures for movie fandom have only gained popularity in the late 2000s. Today we are at the peak of that popularity. They sculpted the action figures for DC with such detail and precision that it bound them to become instant favorites.
    There are action figure collection clubs and competitions. They solely dedicated entire blogs and channels to the collectors’ fandom.
    DC Toys for Adults
    The DC action figures are adult toys. They aren’t meant for young children. They are more suitable for adult collectors. These toys also require a lot of care and investment. A child would neither understand the worth of these toys nor would know how to care for them. Thus the DC toys are better reserved for adults.