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Barbie Doll And Playset, Multi Color

Change Barbie doll's look simply by changing her hair!Girls can create endless hairstyles for Barbie..

PKR 4,700.00 Ex Tax: PKR 4,700.00

Barbie Happy Birthday Doll, Multi Color -DHC37

Barbie doll sparkles in a glittery party dress to celebrate a birthdayThe glam look stands out with ..

PKR 2,940.00 Ex Tax: PKR 2,940.00

Barbie in Princess Power 2 Doll Gift Set

Barbie in Princess Power 2 Doll Gift Set..

PKR 4,290.00 Ex Tax: PKR 4,290.00

Barbie in Princess Power Corinne Doll

 In Barbie in Princess Power, a modern-day princess is kissed by a magical butterfly and discov..

PKR 3,890.00 Ex Tax: PKR 3,890.00


Summer is ready to go to the beach with her friends wearing an elegant look with pink top, green pan..

PKR 4,190.00 Ex Tax: PKR 4,190.00

Barbie Appracadabra Magic Set

Barbie Appracadabra Magic Set..

PKR 2,840.00 Ex Tax: PKR 2,840.00

Barbie B-Book Laptop

Barbie B-Book Laptop..

PKR 8,510.00 Ex Tax: PKR 8,510.00

Barbie Ballerina Doll

Barbie Ballerina Doll..

PKR 1,890.00 Ex Tax: PKR 1,890.00

Barbie Colour Me Cute

Barbie Colour Me Cute..

PKR 4,860.00 Ex Tax: PKR 4,860.00

Barbie Day to Night Style Doll - Transform Barbie

Barbie Day to Night Style Doll - Transform Barbie..

PKR 7,830.00 Ex Tax: PKR 7,830.00

Barbie Doll Assortment

Barbie Doll Assortment..

PKR 1,690.00 Ex Tax: PKR 1,690.00

Barbie Doll The Secret Door

Barbie Doll The Secret Door..

PKR 2,230.00 Ex Tax: PKR 2,230.00

Barbie Endless Hair Kingdom Snap 'N Style Princess Doll

With extra-long hair and a unique hairstyling system, Barbie doll adds a new twist to hairstyling fu..

PKR 4,020.00 Ex Tax: PKR 4,020.00

Barbie Fairytale

Barbie Fairytale..

PKR 1,400.00 Ex Tax: PKR 1,400.00

Barbie Fairytale Magic Ballerina Lea Doll

Product description This beautiful princess ballerina is ready to dance the night away!;Dressed in a..

PKR 1,350.00 Ex Tax: PKR 1,350.00

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