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LEGO 75160 "U-Wing Microfighter" Building Toy

Includes a U-Wing Pilot minifigure.Also includes the U-Wing Pilot's blaster pistol.Features folding..

PKR 2,490.00 Ex Tax: PKR 2,490.00

LEGO 75161 "Tie Striker Microfighter" Building Toy

Includes TIE Pilot minifigure.Also includes TIE Pilot's blaster pistol.Features folding wings, two s..

PKR 2,610.00 Ex Tax: PKR 2,610.00

LEGO 75162 Y-wing Microfighter Set

Includes a Y-Wing Pilot minifigure.This set offers an age-appropriate build and play experience for..

PKR 2,490.00 Ex Tax: PKR 2,490.00

LEGO 75163 Krennic's Imperial Shuttle Microfighter Set

Includes an Imperial Shuttle Pilot minifigure.Also includes the Imperial Shuttle Pilot's blaster pi..

PKR 2,490.00 Ex Tax: PKR 2,490.00

LEGO Constraction Star Wars Captain Phasma Building Set

Move the limbs into any battle poseSturdy and durable design for intense action playPlay out exciti..

PKR 5,995.00 Ex Tax: PKR 5,995.00

LEGO Star Wars - Rebel Trooper Battle

Product description: Jump on the Rebel speederbike and go in search of Imperial troops. Wh..

PKR 4,050.00 Ex Tax: PKR 4,050.00

LEGO Star Wars 75119 Sergeant Jyn Erso Constraction Figure

Buildable and highly posable Jyn Erso figure features a blaster rifle with shooting function, an ar..

PKR 7,999.00 Ex Tax: PKR 7,999.00

LEGO Star Wars 75120 K-2SO 169-Piece Buildable Figure, 11-inch

Buildable and highly posable K-2SO figure features single/double-arm-swinging battle function, toug..

PKR 5,995.00 Ex Tax: PKR 5,995.00

LEGO Star Wars Battle on Scarif

Product description: Play out epic scenes from the blockbuster movie, Star Wars: Rogue one..

PKR 17,970.00 Ex Tax: PKR 17,970.00

LEGO Star Wars Duel on Naboo

Product description: Play out exciting Jedi vs. Sith duels as qui-gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Ken..

PKR 8,130.00 Ex Tax: PKR 8,130.00

LEGO Star Wars Y Wing Starfighter

Product description:Expand your Rebel fleet with this iconic Y-Wing Starfighter LEGO Star ..

PKR 20,370.00 Ex Tax: PKR 20,370.00

LEGO Star Wars Yodas Jedi Starfighter

Add a classic ship to your LEGO Star Wars collection with yoda's Jedi Star fighter. The di..

PKR 8,130.00 Ex Tax: PKR 8,130.00

LEPIN Star Wars Sith Infiltrator

Star Wars Sith Infiltrator ..

PKR 7,500.00 Ex Tax: PKR 7,500.00

Star Wars Desert Skiff Escape

Product Dimensions: 13.9 x 2.3 x 7.5 inches. Item Weight 15.8 ounces. Shipping Weight 15.5..

PKR 11,154.00 Ex Tax: PKR 11,154.00

Star Wars Scarif Stormtrooper

Product description: LEGO Star Wars Scarif Stormtrooper 75523 Star Wars Buildable Figure T..

PKR 6,570.00 Ex Tax: PKR 6,570.00

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