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LEGO 21122 Minecraft The Nether Fortress Playset

Includes three mini-figures with assorted weapons and accessories: Steve, Alex and a Zombie Pigman,..

PKR 25,000.00 Ex Tax: PKR 25,000.00

LEGO 21127 Minecraft The Fortress Building Set - Multi-Coloured

Features a Minecraft Fortress with large pressure-plate doors, lookout towers, decorative Creeper b..

PKR 31,500.00 Ex Tax: PKR 31,500.00

LEGO Minecraft 21120 The Snow Hideout Building Kit

Includes steve's pickaxe.Measures 3 (8cm) high, 11 (28cm) wide and 9 (23cm) deep. In total: 327 piec..

PKR 10,100.00 Ex Tax: PKR 10,100.00

Lego Minecraft 21121 The Desert Outpost Building Kit

Features designs from the hit LEGO Minecraft brandIncludes unique mini-figures, accessories, interch..

PKR 17,800.00 Ex Tax: PKR 17,800.00

LEGO Minecraft 21124 The End Portal Playset

Includes a Steve minifigure, plus two Endermen and a cave spiderFeatures a library with bookshelves..

PKR 18,500.00 Ex Tax: PKR 18,500.00

Lego Minecraft 21128 The Village

Lego Minecraft 21128 The Village..

PKR 55,350.00 Ex Tax: PKR 55,350.00

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