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LEGO DUPLO Mickey's Workshop 10829

Features a workshop with opening door and a buildable carBuild Mickey Mouse's cool red car then give..

PKR 7,000.00 Ex Tax: PKR 7,000.00

LEGO DUPLO Miles 10826: Miles' Stellosphere Hangar Mixed

Includes a LEGO DUPLO figure: Miles plus MercFeatures the Stellosphere Hangar with a spaceship, turn..

PKR 12,500.00 Ex Tax: PKR 12,500.00

Lego Duplo Planes 10509 Dusty And Chug -30%

Lego Duplo Planes 10509 Dusty And Chug

Includes LEGO DUPLE Dusty and Chug characters from Disney’s Planes™Features wrench, fuel hose, fence..

PKR 6,900.00 PKR 4,830.00 Ex Tax: PKR 4,830.00

Lego Duplo Town 10587: Cafe -30%

Lego Duplo Town 10587: Cafe

 It's fun to have lunch at the LEGO DUPLO CafeFeatures Cafe facade, table with three chairs and..

PKR 6,400.00 PKR 4,480.00 Ex Tax: PKR 4,480.00

Lego Friends 41086: Vet Ambulance

Includes an Emma mini-doll figure plus a hedgehogFeatures a Vet Ambulance with rolling wheels, stret..

PKR 3,030.00 Ex Tax: PKR 3,030.00

Lego Friends 41088 Puppy Training

Collect 41087 Bunny & Babies and 41089 Little Foal to complete the setCombine with the 41085 Vet..

PKR 1,600.00 Ex Tax: PKR 1,600.00

Lego Friends 41091: Mia's Roadster

Includes a Mia mini-doll figure. Features Mia's Roadster with opening trunk, gas pump with flex..

PKR 4,500.00 Ex Tax: PKR 4,500.00

Lego Friends Heartlake Performance School (41134)

3 mini-doll figures: Andrea, Noah, and Iva the dance teacherFirst floor features an entrance hall wi..

PKR 28,000.00 Ex Tax: PKR 28,000.00

LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 21108

Includes 4 Minifigures with proton packs: Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zedde..

PKR 16,300.00 Ex Tax: PKR 16,300.00

LEGO Ideas 21305 Maze Building Kit (769 Piece) By LEGO

The classical-style maze includes green 'start' tiles, red 'finish' tiles and divider elementsThe me..

PKR 24,400.00 Ex Tax: PKR 24,400.00

LEGO Juniors 10729 Cinderella’s Carriage Set

Features Cinderella's carriage with rolling wheels, a seat, and space for her beauty chestIncludes c..

PKR 7,500.00 Ex Tax: PKR 7,500.00

Lego Jurassic World Dilophosaurus Ambush 75916 Building Kit

Get rolling with Gray in the gyro sphere; evade the snapping jaws of the ferocious dilophosaurid.&nb..

PKR 13,400.00 Ex Tax: PKR 13,400.00

LEGO Minecraft 21120 The Snow Hideout Building Kit

Includes steve's pickaxe.Measures 3 (8cm) high, 11 (28cm) wide and 9 (23cm) deep. In total: 327 piec..

PKR 10,100.00 Ex Tax: PKR 10,100.00

Lego Minecraft 21121 The Desert Outpost Building Kit

Features designs from the hit LEGO Minecraft brandIncludes unique mini-figures, accessories, interch..

PKR 17,800.00 Ex Tax: PKR 17,800.00

Lego Ninjago 70605: Misfortune's Keep

Includes 6 Minifigures: Jay, Lloyd, Kai, Bucko, Nadia khan and Flintlocke, plus Monkey WretchThe pir..

PKR 29,150.00 Ex Tax: PKR 29,150.00

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