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LEGO City 60075: Excavator And Truck

Includes two demolition worker mini figures with assorted accessories.Features an excavator with mov..

PKR 13,300.00 Ex Tax: PKR 13,300.00

LEGO City Fire 60106: Fire Starter Set Mixed By LEGO

LEGO City Fire 60106: Fire Starter Set Mixed by LEGO..

PKR 3,050.00 Ex Tax: PKR 3,050.00

LEGO CITY Fire ATV 60105

Features a space on the ATV to store the extinguisher and saw, and a ruin section with window and fi..

PKR 1,850.00 Ex Tax: PKR 1,850.00

LEGO City Great Vehicles 60113: Rally Car Mixed

Includes a race car driver mini figure. Features a Rally car with adjustable spoiler on the rearGrab..

PKR 3,450.00 Ex Tax: PKR 3,450.00

LEGO City Great Vehicles 60118 Garbage Truck Playset

Includes two minifigures: A driver and a garbage truck helperFeatures a Garbage Truck with a functio..

PKR 6,900.00 Ex Tax: PKR 6,900.00

LEGO City Police 60128: Police Pursuit Mixed

Features a police supercar, crook's pickup truck and an opening safeAccessory elements include 2 pol..

PKR 6,450.00 Ex Tax: PKR 6,450.00

LEGO City Race Boat 60114

Includes a race boat driver mini figureFeatures a Race Boat with streamlined design, removable ..

PKR 3,500.00 Ex Tax: PKR 3,500.00

LEGO Classic 10698 Large Creative Brick Box -30%

LEGO Classic 10698 Large Creative Brick Box

Includes a wide range of LEGO bricks in 33 different colorsFeatures a wide range of bricks, windows,..

PKR 11,900.00 PKR 8,330.00 Ex Tax: PKR 8,330.00

LEGO Classic Baseplate (Green) -30%

LEGO Classic Baseplate (Green)

The perfect starting point for building, displaying, and playing with your LEGO creationsMeasures 32..

PKR 1,850.00 PKR 1,300.00 Ex Tax: PKR 1,300.00

LEGO Creator 10247: Ferris Wheel

Pieces: 2464Age: 16 +.incl. 10 Mini figurines etc.Exclusive SetsRare Sets3 years and up..

PKR 57,100.00 Ex Tax: PKR 57,100.00

Lego Creator 31034: Future Flyers

Three-in-one model: rebuilds into a futuristic jet with variable wings or a high-tech, futuristic sp..

PKR 6,300.00 Ex Tax: PKR 6,300.00

LEGO Creator 31036: Toy And Grocery Shop

Three-in-one model: rebuilds into a post office or a newsstandThe Shop features shop signs, toy trai..

PKR 11,250.00 Ex Tax: PKR 11,250.00

LEGO Creator 31042: Super Soarer Mixed

Features twin vertical stabilizers, tinted cockpit, large air intakes, navigation lights, 2 engines ..

PKR 3,000.00 Ex Tax: PKR 3,000.00

LEGO Creator 31045: Ocean Explorer Mixed

Features a ship with a movable crane boom, large captain's bridge, navigation lights, radar, antenna..

PKR 42,220.00 Ex Tax: PKR 42,220.00

LEGO Creator 31046: Fast Car Mixed

Features a large spoiler, alloy-look rims with low-profile tires, opening hood with detailed engine,..

PKR 6,300.00 Ex Tax: PKR 6,300.00

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