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LEGO 75151 Star Wars Clone Turbo Tank Construction Set - Multi-Coloured

Includes four Minifigures: Luminara Unduli, Quinlan Vos, Clone Commander Gree and an Elite Corps Clo..

PKR 35,650.00 Ex Tax: PKR 35,650.00

LEGO 75153 Star Wars AT-ST Walker Building Set - Multi-Coloured OUT OF STOCK

Features posable legs, wheel-activated turning top section, opening cockpit and top hatch, detailed ..

PKR 16,600.00 Ex Tax: PKR 16,600.00

LEGO 75823 Angry Birds Bird Island Egg Heist Building Set

Includes 3 figures: Red, Matilda and Biker Pig.Bird Island Egg Heist features Matilda's House with a..

PKR 11,300.00 Ex Tax: PKR 11,300.00

LEGO 75824 Angry Birds Pig City Teardown Building Set

Includes 4 figures: Red, Stella and 2 piggy's.Pig City features a zip line, hot dog stand, small hou..

PKR 17,800.00 Ex Tax: PKR 17,800.00

LEGO 75825 Angry Birds Piggy Pirate Ship Building Set

Includes 4 figures: Red, Bomb, Pirate Pig and Leonard.Piggy Pirate Ship features moving paddles and ..

PKR 25,600.00 Ex Tax: PKR 25,600.00

LEGO 75826 Angry Birds King Pig's Castle Building Set

Includes 5 figures: Red, Mighty Eagle, King Pig, Chef Pig and Foreman Pig.King Pig's Castle features..

PKR 31,550.00 Ex Tax: PKR 31,550.00

LEGO 75828 Ghostbusters Ecto-1 & 2 Building Set

Includes 5 Minifigures: Abby Yates, Erin Gilbert, Jillian Holtzmann, Patty Tolan and Kevin, plus a M..

PKR 20,850.00 Ex Tax: PKR 20,850.00

LEGO 75874 Speed Champions Chevrolet Camaro Drag Race Set

Includes three mini-figures: Two Chevrolet Racing drivers and a race official. The race-ready, ..

PKR 12,200.00 Ex Tax: PKR 12,200.00

LEGO 76046 Super Heroes Batman V Superman Heroes Of Justice, Sky High Battle

Includes five mini-figures: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Le Luther and Lois LaneLe ..

PKR 24,500.00 Ex Tax: PKR 24,500.00

LEGO 76054 Super Heroes Batman Scarecrow Harvest Of Fear Construction Set

Includes five mini-figures: Gas Mask Batman, Blue Beetle, Scarecrow, Killer Moth and a farmerFeature..

PKR 25,300.00 Ex Tax: PKR 25,300.00

LEGO 76055 Super Heroes Batman Killer Croc Sewer Smash Construction Set

Includes four mini-figures: Batman, Red Hood, Captain Boomerang and Katina, plus Killer Croce b..

PKR 28,900.00 Ex Tax: PKR 28,900.00

LEGO Architecture 21022: Lincoln Memorial

Interpretation of real-world architectural landmark, the Lincoln MemorialFeatures a removable roof, ..

PKR 9,500.00 Ex Tax: PKR 9,500.00

LEGO Architecture 21026: Venice Mixed

LEGO interpretation of the Venice skylineFeatures the Rial to Bridge, St Marks Basilica, St Mark's C..

PKR 9,800.00 Ex Tax: PKR 9,800.00

LEGO Architecture 21027: Berlin Mixed

LEGO interpretation of the Berlin skylineFeatures the Reich stag, Victory Column, Deutsche Hahn Towe..

PKR 9,800.00 Ex Tax: PKR 9,800.00

LEGO Architecture 21029 Buckingham Palace Building Set -30%

LEGO Architecture 21029 Buckingham Palace Building Set

LEGO Architecture interpretation of the real-world architectural landmark, Buckingham Palace.Feature..

PKR 16,100.00 PKR 11,270.00 Ex Tax: PKR 11,270.00

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