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Lego 70589 Ninjago Rock Roader Building Set

Includes 4 Minifigures: Cole RX (with a special outfit and hood), Lil' Nelson with a hood, a Stone S..

PKR 12,635.00 Ex Tax: PKR 12,635.00

LEGO 70624 "Vermillion Invader" Building Toy

Build the Vermillion Invader vehicle with a spring-loaded dual egg catapult, translucent red LEGO s..

PKR 7,995.00 Ex Tax: PKR 7,995.00

LEGO 70626 "Dawn of Iron Doom" Building Toy

Build a snake mech with missile-shooting eyes, a swishing tail and a spinning time portalIncludes M..

PKR 13,595.00 Ex Tax: PKR 13,595.00

LEGO 70627 Dragon's Forge Building Toy

Includes six minifigures: Nya, Kai, Ray, Maya, Commander Raggmunk and Slackjaw. Slot the Dragon ..

PKR 20,795.00 Ex Tax: PKR 20,795.00

LEGO 70734 Ninjago Master Wu Dragon

Master Wu's tea farm features an Aeroblade with stand, Ninja banner, Ninja sword decorations, 2 lant..

PKR 12,795.00 Ex Tax: PKR 12,795.00

Lego Ninjago 70605: Misfortune's Keep

Includes 6 Minifigures: Jay, Lloyd, Kai, Bucko, Nadia khan and Flintlocke, plus Monkey WretchThe pir..

PKR 27,195.00 Ex Tax: PKR 27,195.00

LEGO Ninjago Movie Ice Tank (70616)

5 minifigures: Zane, Shark Army Thug, Angler, Patty Keys and Torben Ice Tank features an opening mi..

PKR 24,360.00 Ex Tax: PKR 24,360.00

Lego Ninjago Temple Of Airjitzu 70751 By LEGO

LEGO Ninjago Temple of Airjitzu 70751small3 years and up..

PKR 63,995.00 Ex Tax: PKR 63,995.00

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