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10594 Lego Sofia The First Royal Stable

Help Disney's Sofia the First and her flying horse Minimus the Great practice for the riding show!To..

PKR 6,700.00 Ex Tax: PKR 6,700.00

DC Comics Lego Batman Catwoman Catcycle Chase Building Toy

Includes three minifigures: Catwoman, Batgirl and Robin.Knock over the lamppost with the Catcycle.T..

PKR 7,500.00 Ex Tax: PKR 7,500.00

DC Comics Lego Batman Clayface Splat Attack Set

Build your own clash between the Caped Crusader and the monstrous Clayface!Featured in THE LEGO BAT..

PKR 11,800.00 Ex Tax: PKR 11,800.00

DC Comics Lego Batman Killer Croc Tail-Gator Building Toy

Build Killer Croc's Tail-Gator Truck and send it into action against Batman on his Batski. Tail-Gat..

PKR 23,750.00 Ex Tax: PKR 23,750.00

DC Comics Lego Batman Movie 70901 - Building Set The Mr. Freeze Congelating Attack, Assorted Imaging Packages

Includes three minifigures: Batman, Mr. Freeze and a security guard. Also includes an opening, t..

PKR 7,500.00 Ex Tax: PKR 7,500.00

DC Comics Lego Batman The Joker Balloon Escape Building Toy

Includes two minifigures: Batman and The Joker.Weapons include Batman's grappling gun with string ..

PKR 5,300.00 Ex Tax: PKR 5,300.00

DC Comics Lego Batman The Joker Notorious Lowrider Building Toy

Build The Joker's wacky custom car with bouncing suspension system and hidden spring-loaded shooter..

PKR 16,100.00 Ex Tax: PKR 16,100.00

DC Comics Lego Batman The Scuttler Building Toy

Build Batman's awesome robotic bat vehicle with extending arms, secret jetpack and a launching net ..

PKR 28,000.00 Ex Tax: PKR 28,000.00

LEGO 10232 Palace Cinema 2194 PIECES

LEGO 10232 Palace Cinema 2194 PIECES..

PKR 48,000.00 Ex Tax: PKR 48,000.00

Lego 10252 Creator - Volkswagen Beetle

Lego 10252 Creator - Volkswagen Beetle..

PKR 31,000.00 Ex Tax: PKR 31,000.00

LEGO 10682 Creative Suitcase

Features 1,000 colorful LEGO® bricks to create famous landmarks, exotic animals and anything your yo..

PKR 9,900.00 Ex Tax: PKR 9,900.00

LEGO 10683 Juniors Road Work Truck

Accessories include tools, road signs and a dumpsterQuick start element gets the play started sooner..

PKR 5,310.00 Ex Tax: PKR 5,310.00

LEGO 10687 Juniors Spider-Man Hideout

Includes: Spider-Man hideout, Spider-Man's helicopter, Green Goblin's air glider, a police motorb.....

PKR 11,000.00 Ex Tax: PKR 11,000.00

Lego 10696 Classic - Medium Creative Brick Box -16%

Lego 10696 Classic - Medium Creative Brick Box

Includes a wide range of LEGO bricks in 35 different colors; Features 18 tires and 18 wheel rimsSpec..

PKR 8,500.00 PKR 7,100.00 Ex Tax: PKR 7,100.00

Lego 10702 Box Of Bricks Building Set

Includes 3 levels of building complexity to suit builders of all levels Comes in a sturdy, reusable ..

PKR 6,550.00 Ex Tax: PKR 6,550.00

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